"This is amazing, it is really good, you can hear someone who knows how to write music for film. I am very critical when it comes to reviewing this music but this is fantastic."

"Holy smoke what a cue!"

"This is sadness as it is supposed to be"

"What a hell of a cue"

"It is because I know you wrote this, but if someone would have told me this is the original soundtrack, I would’ve believed it"

"This really sounds like John Williams"

"wow, I am knocked out my friend; I am stunned, bravo tot the music-cue that you wrote, you know how to write for the orchestra for sure"

"This is so exciting, on the stage with a real orchestra this knock the socks out of a director, this music would blow the speakers of the wall"

"The main theme is clear and clean and audible."

"You may expect that professional musicians perform on a very high level. Jaco Mulder met this expectation. His performance and arrangement of the hymn 'I will trust in You my Savior' on marimba was a real example of performance of the highest level."

"What a wonderful gifted  musician/composer is Jaco Mulder, in every piece of music sounds a message of faith"

"Your music is destined for greatness, please continue to share your art with the world"

"What a amazing composer and amazing person you are"

"Jaco putted his masters touch on the music"